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"A top challenge for 43% of the nearly 2,100 surveyed employees is understanding what their health plan covers.  Less than half are comfortable explaining common health benefits terms, such as co-pay or deductible, to a friend or co-worker; fewer than one in four feels comfortable describing health savings accounts, co-insurance, and terms such as formulary."  Business Management Daily -- August 23, 2012 

DMA recognizes the importance of designing a communications program that effectively conveys to employees the benefits offered by their employer and the value of those benefit programs.
Our communications strategy is built on collaboration with the employer to ensure that the company’s message regarding benefits is effectively conveyed to employees.
We also recognize that clear, concise communication is necessary to adequately explain benefit features and enrollment processes.

DMA employs a variety of communication techniques to effectively manage the annual enrollment process, and takes advantage of technology and web-based solutions whenever possible to enhance the employee communication process.

  • Annual Enrollment Communications that can include the following methods:
    • Face to Face
    • Group
    • Web
    • CallCenter
  • Pre-Enrollment Communications
  • Benefit Booklets
  • Benefit Statements
  • Electronic Employee Surveys
  • Employee Payroll Stuffers
  • Employee Seminars